About us

Cosio Officina Meccanica was established in 1960 thanks to the efforts of Francesco Cosio, who started the manufacture of high pressure fittings for the hydraulic segment in the automotive industry. 
The economic industrial environment where the company operates is typical of the industrial district of Valle Trompia and Southern Brescia, whose dynamics support the skills and expertise of the company. Since the early 70s the company started the production of hydraulic fittings (high pressure fittings for hydraulic fluids) with its own brand.
The production takes place inside the industrial building of 700 square meters placed in Sarezzo (BS) where you find also the Accounting and Commercial Departments, while the storage area is located in a second building not far from the production site.


Today, the company offers a range of over 2,600 products, for an annual production capacity exceeding 4,000,000 pieces.

Product quality and extreme flexibility in the processing characterize Cosio Officina Meccanica snc as a strategic partner for medium and large companies, as well as a supplier to dealers and users in the field.